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The wines below have been released for sale and are available in the tasting room or by calling us at 209-400-4040.


2011 Viognier Frizzante - grapes sourced from Lodi. The 2011 Viognier is done in the Frizzante style. It is a slightly sparkling, crisp, acidic, fresh wine. It is the perfect alternative to champagne for those special occasions. Try pairing it with chorizo and cilantro mousse with lemon shrimp (see the recipe page). This is a great wine to use to make mimosas or bellinis. Mix it with some Sapo Dourado and fresh fruit such as peaches and strawberries to make a delicious sangria.


2012 Viognier - grapes sourced from Lodi. The Viognier is styled as a crisp, acidic, fresh wine intended to be enjoyed in the heat of the summer. The wine was fermented in stainless steel and aged in neutral French oak. The fresh pineapple, peach and grapefruit aromas and the orange blossom and honeysuckle flavors are perfect with spicy foods or anything from fish tacos to a snack of fruit and cheese. Our friends say this is a poolside favorite and goes great with grilled ribs and chicken.


2012 Verdelho - grapes sourced from Lodi. Verdelho is a Portuguese white grape varietal best known for its occurrence on the island of Madeira. It also gives its name to one of the four main styles of Madeira wine. More commonly, Verdelho is now made as dry white wine or used for blending. This Verdelho is a bright, crisp, acidic explosion of citrus flavors. Served chilled, it is a perfect accompaniment to lighter food such as fish or scallops and some chicken dishes or pastas with creamy white sauces.

*BRONZE MEDAL at the 2014 Consumer Wine Awards


2014 Vermentino - grapes sourced from Lodi. The Vermentino is a super crisp and clean, refreshing wine with light citrus and pear notes. An easy drinking summertime wine begging to be enjoyed on a sunny day. Pairs fantastically with an herb or brown butter pasta sauce, trout almandine or any light fish. Try with some nice cheese and fresh fruits.


2015 The Big V - grapes sourced from Lodi. The Big V is a Verdelho with honeysuckle and freesia on the nose and white peaches and orange creamsicle in the taste. A little sweet, a little sassy, the Big V is a mouthful of yummy. Serve it nice and cold to enjoy the fruit and floral. The Big V is a wonderful summertime sipper or a great food wine to pair with cheese or some spicy Cajun style shrimp. It screams hot tub - no seriously hold a glass up to your ear. Didn't hear it? Better have another glass and try again. Cheers!


2015 White Barbera - grapes sourced from Lodi. Take an adventurous ride to see what happens when you whole cluster press Barbera grapes so they have no time to get color or flavor from the skins. The result is an explosion of white peaches, nectarines, oranges and pineapples. A different take on a Barbera for a lighter drinking experience.


2015 Sauvignon Blanc - grapes sourced from Lodi. This Sauvignon Blanc was aged in 100% stainless steel. It features flavors of tart green apples with a delightful balance and a tropical finish. Enjoy with some fruit and cheese on a hot summer day or with fish tacos with mango salsa. NEW RELEASE


2013 Blushing Toad - grapes sourced from Lodi. Here is how we would describe this Rose: dry, crisp, clean, acidic and refreshing. We use these words frequently, so we went looking for synonyms. Here is what the thesaurus says: arid, snappish, spotless, sharp and inspirational. We get a lot of strawberry and pineapple from this Rose. Good luck coming up with sysnonyms for that. Best paired with a wine glass.

*BRONZE MEDAL at the 2014 Consumer Wine Awards


2013 Rose Toad - grapes sourced from Sonoma. Villa Della Luna is a picturesque vineyard centered around a huge walnut tree and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The walnut tree provides the perfect shaded spot to enjoy this wine on a hot summer day. Rose Toad is a Syrah Rose of a beautiful blood orange color. There are notes of raspberry, big cherry and plum on the nose and palate. Enjoy this refreshing wine with afternoon hors d'oeuvres, smoked ribs or salmon.


2015 Passion Toad - grapes sourced from Lodi. Passion Toad is full of tropical lust and perfect to enjoy around the pool while imagining yourself on an isolated beach enjoying the tradewind breezes, the sound of the surf and the love of your life. This Rose will take you to the island fantasy with aromas of peach, citrus, nectarine and just a hint of tannin on the finish.


2009 Cabernet Sauvignon - grapes sourced from Napa. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are from the Rutherford AVA and have produced well balanced wine with mouth filling tannins, great structure, beautiful dark color and luscious fruit flavors. It goes perfectly with a grilled ribeye steak in a green peppercorn sauce or with a dry rubbed buffalo tenderloin. Pairs equally well with grilled spicy ribs or some stronger cheeses.

*GOLD MEDAL at the 2012 Consumer Wine Awards

*BRONZE MEDAL at the 2013 Consumer Wine Awards


2010 Petite Sirah - grapes sourced from Napa. The Petite Sirah is from Calistoga and is rich in color and flavor. It fills your mouth with flavors of red fruit including raspberries, plum and black cherries. There is a nice balance of medium toasted oak and full tannins. The Petite Sirah is the perfect accompaniment to a nice steak or pasta with a rich red sauce.

*BRONZE MEDAL at the 2013 Consumer Wine Awards


2011 Souzão - grapes sourced from Lodi. This Souzão is an inky red, full bodied traditional Portuguese varietal bursting with blackberry and dark fruit notes, rich earthiness, palate-pleasing structure and a stern tannic backbone. Pairs well with hearty fare such as beef stew or braised lamb shanks with roasted root vegetables or get ballsy - like this wine - and pair with an herb-butter oven roasted chicken.

*SILVER MEDAL at the 2014 Consumer Wine Awards


2011 Hornee Toad - grapes sourced from Lodi. This wine dances around your mouth with a blend of notes from spicy to fruity. This ain't no boy band blend. This is a jazzy journey of Asian fusion flavors with hints of Chinese five spice, Sichuan pepper, cherry and lychee that will have you tapping your toes and singing its praises. So grab a bottle and sing along. Enjoy with Tuscan style pork belly, Peking duck, duck a l'orange or sushi.

*SILVER MEDAL at the 2014 Consumer Wine Awards


2011 Malbec - grapes sourced from Lodi. A palate pleasing, soft bodied, full red wine with light tannins and flavors of dark cherries, boysenberries, and plums. On the nose is cedar, dill and a hint of cinnamon. A perfect summertime, warm weather wine for around the pool or later around the fire pit. Try pairing with a good burger (prefer buffalo) with grilled red onions, provolone cheese, fresh tomato, basil and a thousand island type dressing on a Kaiser or Ciabatta roll.


2011 Tempranillo - grapes sourced from Lodi. This Tempranillo is a full bodied, mouth filling chewy glass of wine. A dark deep red color with medium to full tannins and blackberries. A smack of leather and a whiff of smoke on the nose along with a dark fruit backbone. It will keep you coming back to see how it evolves as it is freed from the bottle and gets some air. This would be great for a play day of tapas making. Grab a few bottles and invite some friends.


2012 Barbera - grapes sourced from Lodi. A beautiful, earthy floral and spice aroma will fill the glass and bright acidic red cherry and raspberry flavors will fill your mouth. We suggest any nice smoky BBQ, Tuscan style pork belly or cedar plank salmon. NEW RELEASE


2012 Pinotage - grapes sourced from Lodi. Pinotage is a varietal of South African origin developed by crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault. This Pinotage is spicy with a dark fruit medley of blackberries, black currants, figs and ripe plums with a hint of Italian cocoa. It is the perfect wine to pair with wild game including grilled duck, elk and venison or enjoy it with a blackberry pie for dessert. NEW RELEASE


2012 Primitivo - grapes sourced from Lodi. This big, bold, slap you in the face Primitivo has a spicy nose of pepper and clove with tastes of cherry and strawberry. Try pairing this wine with your favorite smoked meats or BBQ or for something different try a dessert of cherry cobbler. Honestly, we just like this wine by itself.


2013 Cabernet Sauvignon - grapes sourced from Lodi. Notes from our barrel tasting panel: Perfect color, fruity, chocolate, berry. Bottle now! No, this doesn't taste like a Napa Cab. This tastes like a Lodi Cab. Get over it! Enjoy a bottle with a ribeye steak with a blue cheese or herb compound butter or a steak salad with blackberry balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese or shaved parmesan, dried cranberries and candied walnuts.


2013 Zinfandel - grapes sourced from Lodi. The Clements Hills Zinfandel is bursting with ripe berries, vanilla and spice. The wine is a deep red color and has a lasting finish. This is the perfect summertime red when paired with your favorite delicacies hot off the grill.


2013 Reserve Zinfandel - grapes sourced from Lodi. A beautiful balance of fruit and spice join in a sultry dance across your tongue. The lingering finish will leave a lasting impression. This Zinfandel is great on its own or pairs well with barbecue or the tamales we are eating as we write this.


Road Toad Red - grapes sourced from Lodi. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat. The return of a favorite!


Toadilly Lickable Wine - grapes sourced from Lodi. Made from Souzao like the 2010 Toadilly Lickable Wine.


Toadilly Luscious Wine - grapes sourced from Lodi. Made from Touriga Nacional like the 2009 Toadilly Luscious Wine.


Toadilly Lucky Wine - grapes sourced from Lodi. A blend of the Touriga Nacional used in the Toadilly Luscious Wine and the Souzão used in the Toadilly Lickable Wine. If you are luscious and lickable, you might get lucky.

*SILVER MEDAL at the 2014 Consumer Wine Awards