Toasted Toad CellarsToasted Toad Cellars




The HMS Supertoad trailer loaded with barrels headed to the winery.


Bins Waiting


Bins waiting for Merlot to be harvested.


Dumping Macros


Dumping macro bins of Merlot into the feeder that provides a steady supply of grapes to the sorting table and then to the destemmer and crusher.




Continuous tasting throughout the winemaking process is brutal work, but a highly trained and dedicated professional is always up to the task. Sampling Merlot during fermentation and trying to predict the final outcome.


Jacketed Tanks


Checking on the progress of the cold stabilization of the Viognier prior to bottling.



Filling bins with destemmed, crushed grapes.



Dad is pretending he is going to spray me with the hose while we clean the bins to get them ready for grapes.



Cleaning the tank before wine goes into it.




Sorting out the leaves at the destemmer.




So happy to be helping with harvest!




Getting our new press dirty!




This manual press is exhausting!




Done pressing. Time to empty the press.




Getting barrels ready to fill with wine.