Toasted Toad CellarsToasted Toad Cellars

Grand Opening Celebration - March 24, 2012


Getting ready to cut the ribbon. The scissors are much sharper than they seem!



Receiving recognition and congratulations from Mayor Joanne Mounce.



Rich as the Cab Toad and Debbie (Laura's Mom), known by some as the Mother Toad.



Family is here to celebrate!



Mere Image is providing some rockin' tunes for the occasion.



Thanks Cleo and John of Left Coast BBQ for making the delicious food!



Having a glass of wine with some Toadies!



Everyone loves the Cab Toad!



Our unofficial staff: Ron, Moira, Bertha and Rich. Thank you for all of your help and support!



Papa Toad and the other Laura Marie, who is also part of our unofficial staff.