Toasted Toad CellarsToasted Toad Cellars

Winery Construction


This is what the building looked like when we first moved in.


old office


This was the existing "offices" and "bathrooms" with that lovely red trim!




The empty warehouse that this building used to be.




Framing the tasting room and barrel room.




The drywall is being put up in the barrel room.



The tasting room is coming together. The walls are painted, cabinets installed, lights installed, and ceiling fans installed.




The lab is coming together nicely.




The second window is being restored so both sides match.


front door


Installing the new entrance door and windows.


fresh paint


What a nice, new paint job!




The barrel room is ready for barrels!


completed lab


The lab is ready!


tasting room


The tasting room is almost done. Check out that Toad Skin floor!




The front is almost finished, just need to install the railing on the other side.